Bamboo Paradise

Panchoran via Architectural Digest

This is Panchoran Retreat in Ubud, Bali. It includes seven houses, a yoga pavilion, and a pool. It is surrounded by bamboo forests and one house boasts of a bamboo bridge perched on the river. This is the creation of Irish designer, Linda Garland, who fell in love with Bali many years ago.

Last July, I had the privilege of stepping onto the estate and have a quick look around (it was full). More than than natural greatness of the area, the bamboo design exteriors and stunning interior floored me.

I could live like this…no doubt.

Did I mention that this is where Julia Roberts had some of her Bali scenes in Eat, Pray, Love?

BELOW: Bamboo facade with windows allowing plenty of natural light; airy interiors with Balinese style furnishings; bamboo chandelier; porch of one house has scenic view of forest valley

Linda Garland is an inspiration.

Here’s why:

  • she has impeccable taste
  • she’s an international interior designer
  • she’s lived in beautiful Indonesia and developed her 25 acre home into a heavenly hotel
  • she’s an environmentalist

I came across her story in an issue of Architectural Digest. It is everything I’ve envisioned for myself. I’ve lived internationally for 10 years and would like to continue being abroad, incorporating this lifestyle into a design career. Ms. Garland has done it. She’s reached a point in her career where she chooses a project once a year to devote time to; that kind of creative freedom is something I’d love.

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