Let there be light!

The Essentials: #1 Lighting

As a pretty transient person, I’ve learned a few things about making home.

Whether it was bopping around from one neighborhood in the Bay Area to another in my 20s, or packing shipments clear across seas, there were some consistencies when it came to transforming a space.

Being far away from comforts and familiarities can be trying on the soul. The most grounding and stabilizing thing is to create a sense of “home-ness” within the four walls you now write as your address.

There are four simple essentials in creating your home away from home:

* Lighting
* Rugs
* Natural elements
* “Me stamps”

Nothing says warmth than good lighting. Having eclectic sources providing ambient, task, and accent lighting will most likely meet all of your illuminating needs. They will also add a level of interest in your home.

Upon entering your new space, take note of architectural lighting. Is there much natural lighting? What kind of lighting do the overhead pendant lights offer? Are there many recessed lights? Do your lights function on a dimmer? Sometimes, simply changing the types of bulbs makes a world of difference.

Below are some stylish and affordable examples of lighting that enhance the comfort and warmth of a home.

*Hanging lanterns

Pendants are lovely. From classical chandeliers to modern spheres, these orbs of light bring dimension to a room. However, for the transient home-maker, traveling with pendant lamps can be cumbersome. Ikea offers light weight alternatives. As well, it is fun to pick out hanging lanterns in your travels to display where you’ve traveled and add a global essence to your design style.

Ikea Fillsta

Ikea Varmluft

Asian paper lanterns

*Table lamps

Table lamps are a wonderful way to shed pools of light in various areas of a room; many shades offer both uplighting and downlighting . These can be used for additional ambient lighting or task lighting such as reading on a sofa or working in an office. Affordable table lamps are easy to find whether it be used or at a discount store. Change the base color with high gloss spray paint.  Also, fun can be had with the shades. Play around with size, color, and shape. Or take an old shade and add something new like fabric or trim.

Ikea Grono Table Lamp Set

JJ Task Lamp Green via Remodelista

John Lewis Mailka Table Lamp

High gloss base via Apartment Therapy

*String lights

For soft lighting and a decor feature, a simple and inexpensive option are string lights. They are light and easy to carry. Not Christmas? No matter. There are several styles of covers that fit over the bulbs which suit anything from a living room to a baby nursery. Have a look for yourself.

Colorful bamboo string

Dining String Lights via Design Sponge

String Lights via Design Sponge

Cotton String via Remodelista

*Floor lamps

Floor lamps bring lighting at different heights. Some have a simple base limiting the use of floor space or may arch over furniture to hit the light where you want it. Others draw more attention having the dramatic presence of an art piece.

Ikea Barometer Floor Reading Lamp

Ikea Boja Floor Lamp

Arco Floor Lamp

Modern Floor Lamp

There are obviously many combinations of lighting you can incorporate into your space. Mixing sources and types of lighting creates an interesting and comfortable atmosphere. It also personalizes your interior. Have fun experimenting with what works for you.

photo credit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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