Accesorize your floors: rugs

The Essentials: #2

Knowing where to begin when decorating a new space can be tricky. If you’re an international home-maker like me, having a clear set of essentials is helpful when setting up home in a new city or country. Let’s recap the simple list of items that will get you started:

* Lighting
* Rugs
* Natural elements
* “Me stamps”

In addition to having lighting mold the feel of a home, rugs do much to enhance the livability of space. They not only offer color, texture, and warmth underfoot, rugs become decorative space dividers. They help frame areas of a room and contribute in the distinction of styles between one room and another.

Sure, rugs are not the most practical items to pack from one place to another, but once you find one you love, you understand their timeless versatility.

Ikea Aborg high pile rug

IKEA Eivor cirkel rug

Kenitra North African rug

Patterned rug contains this living space

When throwing down a rug there are a few things to keep in mind:

photo credit

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