Letting nature in

The Essentials #3: Natural Elements

So, you’re trying to turn your house into a home. You may be living in a new city or country and have limitations to having decor resources at your disposal. To me, there are four essential keys to this process that are helpful to the transient home-maker.

* Lighting
* Rugs
* Natural elements
* “Me stamps”

Varied light sources offering ambient and adequate lighting? CHECK.

Rugs to display color and texture while creating warmth on floors? CHECK.

What’s next?

While color and soft furnishings are very important in establishing your style, having nature reflected add vitality to a space. So, maybe you’re like me, and can’t keep plants alive for too long. No matter.

Incorporating natural elements can be done in several ways.

  • Easy to care for plants like cacti or long bamboo in a vase add a natural dimension to your decor. The amount of natural lighting and temperature of your space will help dictate which plants to select. Here is a list of 10 house plants that can withstand the non green thumb.
  • Framed photos of a natural motif such as flowers shot in black and white can soften an interior.
  • Art such as landscape paintings or even wall decals are simple ways to splash your walls with nature.
  • Patterns on rugs, pillows, or curtains of flora and fauna can instantly bring nature in.

tasteful framed photographs of flowers

flower motif on rug

fresh flowers in vase

clever stone wallpaper

natural palette

Nature inspires openness, tranquility, and beauty. These are qualities I would like to have reflected in my home; wouldn’t you?

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