Cheerful nursery

I’m gonna be an aunt soon! And, I get to design her nursery.

My sister is in New Zealand and I’m in Korea. From a distance, this can be tricky. Luckily, with all sorts of design tools and consistent Skype communication, we are making headway.

The plan:

*share ideas on pinterest boards
*buy gently used furniture and repaint
*order/make whatever is needed (I am trying my hand at sewing now)
*create furniture layout plan

About the inspiration board

My sister wants a color scheme that is vibrant without dipping into pink. Turquoise and tangerine compliment each other well with a neutral backdrop of stone grey and off white. Fabrics have playful designs reflecting colors in art selected. The map posters from Children Inspire Design are sweet reminders of little Baby Kiwi’s background-Mexico, U.S., Cuba, Colombia, New Zealand. The furniture selection is casual which suits the rest of the style of the house. There will be accessories that add to a global theme, perfect for a very international baby.

Luckily, I will be visiting before the little one arrives. I am so excited to help create her first space. Photos of progress soon to come.

2 thoughts on “Cheerful nursery

  1. This is amazing, and so are you! I’m so excited to do this project together and even more excited that we’ll get some good sister time in just one month! Can’t wait to see you Love you!

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