Inspired by the jewel of Colombia

I have a special place in my heart for Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Not only is it my mother’s hometown but it is a place I’ve visited since I was seven years old. There’s a reason it is called the Jewel of Colombia. Kissing the Caribbean coast, it’s charming streets with colorful facades and balconies adorned in plants, hold history, culture, and beauty.

So, it’s no wonder that Cartagena is an inspiring place for interior design. Balancing the antiquity of the “old town” where there are clear traces of Spanish colonial influences (arches, tiled floors), with contemporary fusion, a gorgeous global style emerges. Among other elements, the following are a few essentials in recreating this type of design.

* Color

Everywhere you walk in the “old city” of Cartagena, there is a presence of vibrant colors. This often applies to the interiors as well. An accent wall in colors such as deep lavender, sunny orange, or burgundy red bring instant warmth in a space.

*Four post beds

Four post beds are classic and beautiful. Draped with sheer fabric they create a dreamy atmosphere in a bedroom. This is perfect in a fanciful city such as Cartagena. Hanging a nice mosquito net from the ceiling also gives this effect if your bed lacks a canopy.


What says relaxation more than a hammock? No tall palm trees to tie it on? No importa. The slow paced, easy going style of Colombia is reflected with indoor hammocks as well. Well attached to posts or columns, this hanging fabric comes in traditional whites or brilliant colors.

*Romantic accessories

Cartagena is a romantic place. Music floats. Horse drawn carriages clip-clop on cobble stoned streets. The sea breeze envelops you. There are several decor pieces that enhance this sense of warmth. From interesting lighting to candles to playful cushions, adding small touches can make a big difference in the feel of your space.

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