Design by music: Art deco & nouveau

The Sound:

Eclectic fusion of gypsy jazz and Delta blues, swing, and klezmer calling forth the 1920s/30s

The Look:

This tune inspires a time when glam and sophistication was big. Even as America suffered an economic crash rolling into the 1930s, eyes were on early Hollywood and everyone wanted to emulate it. This style incorporates:

*streamlined, geometric and angular shapes
*chrome, glass, shiny fabrics, mirrors and mirror tiles
*silver, black, chrome colors; black and white checkers
*rug in geometric patterns; large circular one as room centerpiece
*nature motifs
*exotic touches from the Orient, Africa and Egypt
*cocktail cabinets
*shiny light-reflective fabrics or plain fabrics with metallic threads
*add a striking painting or one statue rather than a clutter of objects to accessorize; add touches of opulence with items such as tortoiseshell and enamel cigarette boxes and mother-of-pearl letter openers

modern classic furniture

striking painting makes the room

highly polished wood & layered rugs

black and silver are "It" colors; cocktail cabinets make the space

rectangular and bold fireplace

Le Corbusier armchair

popular side table by Eileen Gray

 Music: “Put a Lid on It”~Squirrel Nut Zippers

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