Personalize your style

Essential #4: “Me Stamps”

An empty space can be daunting when trying to create a home. Each time I move, I make sure I have a few essentials in place to get started:

*Natural elements
*”Me stamps”

So, your lighting is just right, rugs are adding warmth and distinction to the separate spaces, and you’ve selected some natural elements to bring the outside in. The final component is the really fun part. “Me stamps” are the items of decor that display your personality, tell a story about who you are, help formulate your design style. These can show up in a variety of ways.

1. Photographs:

One of the simplest ways to reflect who you are is displaying your photographs. Captured moments of travel or framing those you love add a personal dimension to your new space, making it more feel like home. For a classic look, print your favorites in black and white and frame in the same color. Or, collect framed moments in a variety of sizes and styles and place together on a shelf.

2. Travel pieces:

While living overseas, I’ve picked up a number of decor pieces from places visited. My challenge is selecting items that are transportable while being special or unique. Whether it is singular item or a collection of things that tie your travels into a theme such as baskets or masks, these are fun conversation pieces that share a part of your life.

via Elle Decor

3. Art:

Art is often a one-of-a-kind possession that has a special place in your home. What we select shares our aesthetic taste while offering a creative aspect to our interior design. If you’re worried about moving art with you, choose pieces that can be taken off frames and rolled up for ease.

4. Funishings

Soft furnishings are normally light weight and easily interchangeable. Some of my favorite things to purchases are pillow cases. Coming in a variety of colors, textures, and design, these give a room a new feel in a simple way.

via Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy

One thought on “Personalize your style

  1. I love the idea of breaking up the essentials into different posts 🙂

    Since moving to Germany, we’ve lost a lot of our “me stamps” – since we arrived here with two suitcases each, and that’s it. We have been in a temporary living situation for so long now … I can’t wait to start collecting some “me stamps” again!


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