Go green!

I thought it would be fun to write a post with St. Patrick’s day in mind. While I wanted to go with decor items splashed in green hues (it is my favorite color, after all), the idea of “going green” stood out. In a time when making mindful selections from what we eat to what we wear is critically important, how we decorate and create our homes with the most minimal impact on the environment is equally as crucial.

Above is a vibe board for a yoga/meditation room. Makes sense to select decor items that are in tune with environmentalism while evoking peacefulness. Among the growing number of companies and business that align themselves with sustainable design are internet decor stores, Gaiam and Branch. Both companies maintain the value of the environment, while promoting a sustainable economy and healthy lifestyle.

The Green Serenity room holds the following decor items:

1. Moso Lamp: endgrain-Bamboo veneer & frame with compact fluorescent bulb; the innovative design of these lamps combines sustainable materials with an energy-efficient light source.

2.Double Tree of Life wall sculpture-Haitian artisans take clean 55-gallon oil drums and flatten them into a “canvas,” draw a pattern in chalk and then hand chisel and hammer the metal into these intricate sculptures. These are handmade and sold by fair trade group, From Beyond Borders.

3.Scribble Hanging Planter-Clay, earth-friendly lead-free glaze, leather cord. All Pigeon Toe Ceramics pieces are fired in a kiln that’s powered by renewable energy.

4. Spotlight Tea Light Candle Holders: 100% organically-grown bamboo, non-toxic adhesive; handmade by Bambu in China. (Note that Bambu works only with manufacturing partners who demonstrate a commitment to health and safety, environmental protection and fair labor practices. In turn, Bambu supports and reinforces worker health and safety measures, and funds international third-party auditing procedures.

5.Citrus Yoga Mat– Provides 3mm thick cushioning and features has a unique pattern that provides superior grip, padding and stability; contains no latex and is free of the six most harmful phthalates.

6. Water hyacinth Meditation Chair + Tray-Soft yet sturdy and woven from the renewable water hyacinth plant, found throughout Southeast Asia; from fair trade group Mitra Bali.

* Walls: Benjamin Moore Natura (zero VOC paint); Color: Sweet Spring

Other eco decor items I love from Gaiam & Branch:

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