Design by music: cottage style & First Aid Kit

I’ve love making connections with design. The music connection is one of my favorites. My friend, Holly over at HvH Interiors, recently wrote a post on Music, Mood, & Space. It confirms the notion that the function of  all of our senses contributes to the experience of an environment. The focus of the studies she shares is that music and mood are very linked and can play a role in our interiors. Thanks, Holly, for giving this an intelligent spin.

So, here’s the selection of design by music this week.

The sound:

This Swedish folk duo tugs at my heart strings, both because they’re sisters and they harmonize gorgeously. Johanna and Klara Söderberg’s music has a woodsy sound that is reminiscent of singer-songwriting greats like Fleet Foxes. Select any track and you get guitar melodies that tend to dance with drums, harps, piano- a fullness of sound. This track, “The Lion’s Roar”, is my favorite.

I don’t know about you, but their music makes me feel like I’m in a mountainside or lake cottage, rustic and stylish enveloped in a softening dusk sky.

The look:

  • stone
  • wood floors
  • hand-crafted objects
  • flowers, birds, country scenery items
  • rocking chairs
  • large rectangular dining table
  • baskets
  • candle holders
  • tin lanterns
  • wrought iron chandelier

Rustic & Eclectic Cottages

Cottage style decorating is an extension of American country interior design. There have been some English, French, and Swedish influences added. The idea is for simplicity; a natural look. Yet, rustic cottage homes, while cozy, also have the ability to be quaint and endearing through hand-crafted items and global pieces.

Exposed brick, reclaimed wood, and stone give the natural essence of a cottage space. When white-washed, surfaces offer a fresh look where colors pop more vividly, leading to more contemporary appeal.

Unique decor items can really add to the cottage space. Whether it’s retro diner style tables or classical rugs, one can individualize the country style.

What does this music make you think of? Are there any elements of cottage design you enjoy? Would love to get your feedback.

{image credit:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}

4 thoughts on “Design by music: cottage style & First Aid Kit

  1. Hi Christine! Thanks so much for the mention 🙂 I love this music / interior style connection. It was wonderful to listen to the music and look at the pictures. They fit so well together, good job! I found pic #2 embodied the feel of the music best for me, but maybe it’s just because its my favourite image from the bunch?! Lol. Cottage style is not really inline with my personal tastes, but I sure do appreciate it from an interior design perspective. What I like most about it is that it requires a casual, welcoming and personalized feel.

    Great post!


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