Does your space make you happy?

There are many reasons to design interiors: making efficient use of space, catering to specific needs of residents, creating comfort and sharing individual style.

But, spaces can also carry an emotional impact.

I remember walking into a hotel in Montreal close to the airport. We were flying out to Tunisia the next day and needed a place to crash for the night. Upon entering, my immediate reaction was to turn on all the lights, draw the curtains and open windows. I can’t explain it other than the place felt dark and a little ominous. The colors, the lack of light, the position of the room in the building all contributed to a negative energy. ( I actually think the room was haunted, but that’s another story altogether).

There are several factors in design that greatly enhance the positive mood of a space.

Read more on MindBodyGreen who so kindly published the whole post.

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2 thoughts on “Does your space make you happy?

  1. Nice contributor post Christine! We are products of our environment for sure 🙂 The best part is, we have control of our environment most of the time … we should definitely make the best of it.


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