Long shelf life: how to breathe life into your shelves

Recently, a friend asked for some design help. Her little boy was turning one and there would be a special Korean celebration in his honor at their apartment. With limited space, she certainly wanted things to look organized and nice for her guests.

The project? A tall 15-section shelf.

With so many spaces in it, it was difficult to find a neat and stylish function for it.

Shelves are one of the home storage essentials. Yet, they do not have to be all work and no play. These furniture pieces can be decorated in ways that enhance your interior design.


  • For a kick of color, paint the backs of each sectional square
  • Arrange books by color of spines to add interest; stacking vertically & horizontally also helps
  • Showcase a vase, sculpture, or favorite item all by itself in one section; sometimes less is more
  • Include a theme to unify spaces; for example travel photos or collections

After weeding out random items, we focused on select pieces. Since the event was a birthday, we highlighted family photos and sweet baby items that were nice to look at as well. The flowers in various vases added color and a beautiful spring touch.

What are some interesting tips you have for shelves? Would love to hear your ideas.

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