Modern designer’s humor

A newer, sleeker home called for a newer, sleeker breed, but Clancy wasn’t giving up without a fight.
(Photo: Helenio Barbetta; Dwell)

Modern design has grown on me. Not too long ago, I thought it cold, sterile, too edgy.

But, my design palette has evolved and shifted, the more I live in the interior design world. I can appreciate the clean lines and ingenuity of contemporary styles. And, you know what else? (I like it).

So, imagine my delight in finding/following tumblr site Unhappy Hipsters. Highlighted modern spaces (mostly from Dwell magazine) transform into a very humorous short story. Each photograph carries a clever caption that send me into giggle fits often. Now, if that’s not a designer’s sense of humor, I don’t know what is.

Here, giggle with me.

His nook was clearly an afterthought and barely private enough for his needs, but he knew not to complain lest he be cast out entirely with the next renovation.
(Photo: Mark Seelen; Dwell)

Nonchalantly peering down the hall, it quickly became clear that escaping without the other four doors noticing would be impossible.
(Photo: Jessica Haye and Clark Hsiao; Dwell)

The sweet satisfaction of putting tiny fingerprint smudges on the ceiling outweighed the inevitable punishment for mussing up the bed.
(Photo: Jonas Bjerre-Polson; Dwell)

His home had everything he required to live well: oxygen, light, and a relaxing angle of repose.
(Photo: Bent René Synnevag; ArchDaily)

The art was a sad reminder of a destination that they’d never reach as a couple.
(Photo: Jason Schmidt; NY Times)

Dinner parties were reckless, and nearly primal, ever since Bruce built his fire pit.
(Photo: John Clark; Dwell)

In the evenings, they’d shine a light over the glass panel, giggling at the shadows as mother darted around in her subterranean cell.
(Photo: Jonas Bjerre-Polsen; Dwell)

Lonely? (Yes.) Worth it to enjoy the ineffable serenity of indoor/outdoor living? (Only kinda.)
(Photo: Joe Fletcher; Dwell)

He forced a smile as his first guests arrived early; he had not yet explored all permutations of pillow arrangements and it would vex him the entire evening.
(Photo: Tom Fowlks; Dwell)

It only added to her existential crisis: Why add the lamp at all, if they were only going to allow her a row of tiny clerestory cutouts? 
(Photo: Jessica Haye and Clarke Hsiao; Dwell)

Which amused you most? Any comments on designs are welcome too.

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