Interior spotlight: my Korean apartment

Some of my most favorite things include: interior design+ international travel/living + writing.

Imagine my delight in finding and following Monna McDiarmid’s blog, Gracious Living for Expats, which combines all three. As an international educator herself, she has started the Interior Design Project where the homes of other expats are featured on her site.

This month our Seoul, Korea apartment was featured. It’s my first interview on a blog and I am so grateful to have been included in this clever project. Feels particularly relevant as we have just boxed and emptied this home of four years only a week ago.

To read the issue please go here. Additionally, Monna graciously published one of my posts called “Because this is not your dorm room” which gives tips on how to use space in your overseas home.

One thought on “Interior spotlight: my Korean apartment

  1. ahhh! I totally missed this, I don’t know how. Your Korean apartment is great and what a wonderful post over at Monna’s. Love your cozy bean bag chair corner and your Buddha from Cambodia. Xx.

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