Blog spotlight: Etsy’s Get the Look Home Decor {bungalow heaven}

I’ve my sister to thank for sending me this Etsy interview of Justina Blakeney whose bohemian/global fusion style makes me smile wide. Collecting travel pieces, believing in color, and having a reverence for plants are some of Blakeney’s specific traits that resonate with me.

Here are some of my favorite images from her L.A. bungalow home.

Does anything in this home pop out to you? Please share your thoughts.

{image credit:etsy}

15 thoughts on “Blog spotlight: Etsy’s Get the Look Home Decor {bungalow heaven}

  1. Absolutely love every bit of this home. Just needs patio doors swung open looking onto the Ocean with white linen curtains flapping in the breeze.
    Oh and what pops out is simply how nice it would be to live there.

  2. Love reading your blog, great stuff on here. So I do love color, but I find it tricky to match so many different colors together. When you are working with a small space do you think you coordinate the colors by un-matching the colors? Fun bungalow, keep up the awesome posts!

    • Thanks, Ang. So great seeing you here. Yes, color choice is a skill that may be determined by space. In this bungalow, I see many bright pops of color and design that compliment one another…like the turquoise and corals, baby blue and pink. For sure, this woman is not afraid to try different combination…more so than I would, but somehow it works! A great example of testing the waters. πŸ™‚

  3. Was just going to say the same thing. It’s easy to be in a good mood when your home is bright, bold and light. Well, mine is and I do find it hard to get depressed:)

    Just love that Bohemian look! x

  4. How fun!!! Of course, you probably already know that this is not really my style, but I still appreciate it very much. It’s lively and colorful and has a lot of dimension and personality. Plus, it seems to reflect the inhabitant very well, and that’s really what’s most important.


    • Totally agree, Holly…reflection of personality is #1 in my book too. Really soon, I will share a post that is certainly Holly worthy-cleaner lines, focus on material and form. Stay tuned, my friend….let me know when I’ve struck a chord. πŸ™‚

  5. I love the idea of mix and match. Different colours, different texture. Especially those DIY things you could do easily and for a low cost. I love the wall frames and colourful pillows! πŸ™‚

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