When an interior is good enough to eat

I’m so excited to have co blogger and interior designer inspiration, Holly von Huene, as the special contributor today with a delicious post. You see, not only does Holly have her interior site called HvH Interiors, but she has also started a side project called The Design Chef. Here she fuses love and beauty of food with interior styles. How? Through a recipe, of course!

Holly knows about my upcoming move to Laos, so this recipe is inspired from that part of the world. Here’s an example of her creative work.

Sweet Bananas Living Glimpse

(an exclusive design recipe for Somebody’s Home blog by The Design Chef)


– one stream-lined white space

– one accent wall (calm achromatic pattern)

– one banana tree fibre inspired table (all soft and natural)

– some black decor accents (like 2 floor lamps)

– a few rounded shapes (like some glass terrariums)

– vibrant and generous splashes of yellow


In your white space, combine the accent wall, table and black accents. Steam until items are in place. Throw in a few rounded shapes and serve with splashes of yellow.

• tip: making choices that reference nature (wood, plats, trees, leaves, bananas, etc.) will make this space recipe extra sweet.

Saep lai lai !


Interior image – a glimpse into Casa Urbana by interior designer Leo Romano via Casa de Valentina

Food image – Purple Sticky Rice with Banana and Coconut Sauce at Tamarind Restaurant in Laos via Trip Advisor

Design recipe – curated and written by Holly von Huene of The Design Chef

{Any thoughts on the idea of using food to inspire an interior style? Please share your thoughts below.}

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