Friday find: marine life art

Recently, I’ve been working on designing a living room at a home in Las Vegas. Going through the client’s house, I spotted a work of art that mesmerized me. It did not take long for me to suggest a more visible spot for it.

Artist, Cleo Vilett, is a northern California native whose oils encompass landscapes and more urban environments as well. It is her marine series, however, that capture color and composition in a way that makes you feel you’re in scuba gear experiencing such wonders.

There is nothing that gives a space an individualistic flair than art. Whether a painting, photography, or sculpture, art contributes to the color and style of an interior. It reflects your personality and often tells a story. For this reason, Vilett’s artwork is my “Friday Find”.

{Do any of these pieces call out to you? If you bought one, where would you place it?}

3 thoughts on “Friday find: marine life art

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