Inspiration board: Laos dream

So, something you may have noticed is that I’m a double blogger.

It just happened. I didn’t plan it that way.

It started out with a personal blog, Happy Impermanence. I wanted to chronicle the events of 2011 onward…the coming to a decision to shift out of my teaching career into interior design, the endless planning of moving from Korea to our next destination, the ping-ponging of emotions throughout the process.

In addition to documentation, it’s a place for inspiration and reflection.

Somebody’s Home, however, is a result of my love for interior design and my transition into the profession. It caters to the international inhabitant, the global/eclectic style aficionado, the mindful home dweller.

These two blogs are undeniably linked, mostly because they house me & my dreams.

The Laos Dream is one.

In October 2012, my husband and I are moving to Laos to begin new careers in the things we are most passionate about: design, yoga, coaching, and writing. We will wear many hats to get started and certainly go to the drawing board often. What the final outcome will be is a surprise.

Concept boards have a function in interior design. They bring forth ideas in color and style and arrangement, helping us visualize a space. Inspiration boards are closely related. These hold images that inspire something in us, be it motivation, hope, or beauty.

Today I’m sharing my inspiration board for Laos. Whenever I look at it, I feel a peaceful creativity.

I’m curious, what does it conjure up for you?

4 thoughts on “Inspiration board: Laos dream

  1. Hey Christine! Seems we are in sync 🙂 Double blogging and moving around… We are moving back to Berlin by the end of September! This Fall should be very exciting for us both then!

    Your concept board conveys a perfect balance of excitement and relaxation to me. The colours are so lively and the scenes are captivating. All the while peace radiates from it. Feels like a good concept to me! Big hugs and best wishes Xx.

  2. Yes, you two are in sink, aren’t you???:)))

    I agree with Holly. I see excitement but also a peaceful mind and soul and lots of self-nurture and healing! It’s getting closer x

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