Friday Find: the downlow sofa


Last weekend I was house sitting a gorgeous San Francisco home (see photo below) where I fell for the living room sofa set. Low to the ground, its attractive shape screams UNIQUENESS and COMFORT. It’s made of multiple density foam and luxurious quilted microfiber covers. These seats are inviting. The undulations hug your body and the large ottoman provides plenty of space to kick up your feet.


The original is the iconic Togo collection of Ligne Roset of the 1970s. Its early ergonomic designs and attractive form have made it popular in contemporary spaces since. There have been several replicas of this style for a more affordable price (thankfully).

This collection consists of five different pieces that you can mix and match: armless chair, sofa, loveseat, corner seat, and ottoman, creating different modular sectional formations. They are easy to move and care for, available in a number of colors.





You could go for the bold colors or select a neutral one and add pops of color with throws and pillows as my friend did with hers.

What do you think? Could you envision this collection in your own living room? Do you find the shape appealing or not so much?Have you discovered any great sofas you love to sink into?

{Need a little art in your space? Check out last week’s Friday Find.}

3 thoughts on “Friday Find: the downlow sofa

  1. I love the Togo collection and yet I didn’t opt for any of the pieces when doing up my flat. I suppose sometimes I think it can look very unkempt and I also wanted straight lines. If I had a massive place where I could have more than one sofa I might consider buying a Togo.

    It hugely depends on colour and fabric. I love that first image!

    Great house sitting pad!!!:)

  2. Looks really fun to cozy up in, but maybe you guessed that the look is really not my thing 😉 I think what Tina says sums it up, a little too casual and lack of straight lines. But still, in the right space, for the right person, it can have major impact!

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