Pinspiration {final days of summer}

Summer is my season…in fact it’s my four seasons.

Yes, I can appreciate the robust colors of fall or the quiet frigidness of winter (not really) or the enthusiasm of spring. Four years living in Korea did that for me. But, being home in the dry heat of Southern California is just right. It’s the beginning of September and the summery feel has not let up much.

(Not complaining.)

Hence, the theme of my first PINSPIRATION board. The idea is simply taking one of the gazillion incredible images on Pinterest and using it to inspire something lovely + interior design related.

  • THE PIN: this gorgeous sunbrella-y image  reflects the best of the beach…crystal clear waters, exposed rocks, restful sunbathers; the striped design on the umbrellas offer punchy contrasting colors that just bring joy
  • THE INSPIRED: spa influenced pieces with a rustic feel, much like something you would experience on the Mediterranean coast
  1. bungalow mirror
  2. seagrass basket
  3. aqua gobi bath towel
  4. aqua broad stripe bath dhurrie
  5. dip-dyed stool

All of these items are from beautiful online store Serena & Lily.

So, what do you think? Is summer your season too? If so, which part of the season do you cling to most? If not, what’s your season…and why?

2 thoughts on “Pinspiration {final days of summer}

  1. I LOVE the idea of your pinspiration boards. This one perfectly reflects the sentiment you were describing. Looking forward to many more 🙂 Oh, and on the topic of seasons… as a child, summer was my favourite (my birthday, no school, fun and sun) – but now, my favourite season is Fall. I love the coziness and the crispness of the air (but not cold like winter, bleh!), the changing leaves and earthy colours. That is my season now Xx.

    • I can totally see why autumn feels good and cozy. I appreciate that too…the smells are very particular to the time and the colors are vibrant. fun to dress for fall as well…but I’m truly a flip-fop sundress girl. thanks for stopping by, Holly.

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