Friday find: Sadika glass designs {Tunisia}

Nearly five years ago, my husband and I lived in the lovely Mediterranean city of Tunis. One of my favorite places to get lost in was Sadika, a glass blowing studio with a store that sold beautiful Tunisian artwork. Owner and artist, Sadika Keskes, has created a glorious haven of hammam bath towels, Tunisian rugs, and local jewelry. Her space also features a variety of painters. Yet, it is the colorful glass that draws most attention.

Dishes, glasses, candle votives, pendants, and floor lamps are just some of the items found in Sadika. Both in clear and frosted glass, these are usually accompanied by metal designs. Their glass glow is perfect both in interiors and exteriors.

In this video, Sadika shares her views on working with glass, the importance of creativity, and the function of imitation.

Can you see one of these Sadika pieces in your home? I can….maybe because I have collected a few. (wink)

{images: Sadika Nice; for more photos, go here}

8 thoughts on “Friday find: Sadika glass designs {Tunisia}

      • Hello,
        I just came across your site and I love it! I’ve just moved to Tunis and am struggling to make my house feel like a home before my shipment arrives around Dec/Jan. Sadika’s glass would certainly be a welcome addition – would you by any chance remember where her shop is located? Any other tips on where to find bargain furnishings and home decor around here would be hugely helpful!
        Thanks 🙂

      • Hello Soukeina…thank you for following the blog and for your kind words here. I’ve just sent you a personal email with more information on Sadika and other design tips in Tunis. I know the feeling of wanting to make a space home even before the shipment arrives. Would love to help in an way I can. It’s what I love to do! Hope you and the ACST folks are all doing well. Best wishes.

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