Seasonal Design {guest post}

Jaclyn Nicholson, from eLocal, relates information through visual projects called infographics. One of her latest works shares how to design by the season. As fall peers around the corner, here are some fun, practical ways to prepare your interiors for it.

With the change of seasons, comes a handful of more! The weather dictates a lot more than you may realize – including design. As we say ‘goodbye to summer’ and ‘hello to fall’, we welcome warm colors, aroma, artwork and textures. Summer was the time for beach prints, silk and light tones while fall transitions to warm colors, pumpkin scents and suede. The change of seasons does not mean a home makeover, rather a few minor adjustments. Replace your lavender candles for cinnamon or transform the white throw pillows on your couch to a berry tone. These little changes can make all the difference to make your home correlate to the season. Take a look at this mini guide to designing for the season!
Designing by the Season

What are some ways your home reflects the season of autumn?

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