Tripping on design {Goa, India}

One of the my favorite things about travel is finding accommodations. Some people hate this: going online, price comparing, reading reviews on Trip Advisor. I do it like it’s my job.


Mostly because I have a fascination with interiors. I like to see what people do with a “commercial” design (hotels) to make it feel unique and comfortable for guests. And,  for a few days I get to alter the environment I call home into an open-air bamboo treehouse on a beach or an rustic eco bungalow in a vineyard. I also love the architecture and exteriors; how they compliment the natural surroundings.

So, when we travel, I insist on scouring boutique hotel sites and getting recommendations from fellow traveler friends. Craig doesn’t seem to mind. He reaps the benefits of my labor intensive planning.

My first feature is actually a place we’ve visited: Purple Valley Yoga Retreat in Goa, India.

A haven from the activity, dust, and heat, Purple Valley peacefully sits on India’s west coast. This retreat offers massage, ayurveda treatments, and some of the best Ashtanga yoga instruction. It emits wellness. The rooms are either in the sunny-yellow Portuguese style colonial house along with reception or in the back around the perimeter of an inviting pool.

The rooms offer little more than a canopied bed with netting for mosquito protection. But, it’s not the rooms you come for. The design is simple with the emphasis on the outdoor area for lounging on bright cushions and dining on fresh vegetarian food. Its layout offers places to socialize with other guests as it does small nooks to read a book or take a nap. The yoga shala rests at the far end of the pool, beckoning early risers to practice.

Rustic and global, this retreat is perfect for the traveler who craves a refreshing experience.

Interested in a beautiful destination that is good for you? Purple Valley is high on my list.

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6 thoughts on “Tripping on design {Goa, India}

  1. Wowy! This place looks really great. Like you mentioned, staying in a place away from home is a great way to experience and appreciate different styles. Like, even though I wouldn’t decorate my own home in this Purple Valley style, I would most definitely stay there! It’s like playing make-believe or dress up – you can experience things outside of your usual tendencies. And sometimes, you may get inspired and discover that you want to maybe alter those tendencies a bit. I actually think that’s an important thing to do 🙂

    Nice post!

    • I agree, Holly. Funny what the right inspiration can do. It has surprised me on occasion when I gravitate toward contemporary style, for example. But, I can truly appreciate it when it’s designed in a captivating way. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. I must admit that when I go to a retreat I’m not necessarily being picky about the interior fitting my style. The actual offerings of the retreat are much more important. This place looks like a heaven and right now, when stressed, I would give anything to be transported there for a few days. Anyone care to join me?

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