Itching for a mosquito net

Within a day, my husband and I will be in Southeast Asia where the climate is tropical and the mosquitos LOVE me. I’m pretty impossible to sleep with in places like this…I check and re-check that no insect is within the netting safety, I tuck the bottoms into the mattress, and I agonize over every time my husband gets up to go to the bathroom-lest he forgets to handle the net with as much diligence. So, it is with great tenacity that I seek accommodations equipped with mosquito nets over the beds for protection and comfort.

This is the impetus for this post: I’ve got mosquito nets on the brain. Remarkably, these have more than a functional use. There’s an aesthetic element too.

While useful,  mosquito nets also offer a dreamy quality to a bed, much like a canopy does. Waking up under the white mesh give an ethereal feeling.
Hovering over the headboard, this decor commands attention with varying colors and decorative additions like ribbon trims.
Pretty soon I will have the chance to incorporate mosquito nets into my design repertoire. And, in spite of the darn mosquitos, I think I’m gonna like it. 

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