I have my Finnish sister-in-law to thank for my introduction to the gorgeous Marimekko textile & clothing design company based in Helsinki. Since 1951 it has offered the world unique and bold patterns and colors for interiors, bags, and high-quality clothes.

One of the latest home contributions is Marimekko wall coverings. Fun and interesting, these murals come in two-piece panels that join together to create a full pattern which can be simply installed by any DIY-er.

Unsure what to do with blank walls? These wall coverings are sure to create a focal point in any space and suggest the color scheme and style of a room. Canadian company, Modern Karibou, offer a wide range of these murals online. Their take on Marimekko:

MARIMEKKO® has been breaking boundaries since 1951. It has created an international reputation and cult-like following based on a series of happy contradictions: bold colours against graphic black and white, free associations opposed to perfect geometry, form versus function as well as art and design combined as one. This Finnish brand has achieved global success by highlighting colourful print design and championing being brave, being equal and being full of joie de vivre.

So, what do we think about these? Could you see a bold wall covering in your home?

{Get fresh; words as modern decor-last Friday Find}


3 thoughts on “Friday Find: MARIMEKKO WALL COVERINGS

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