Before & After: Shanghai apartment



International companies or organizations often provide housing for employees. As an teacher at international schools, the door of my home opened up to a broad spectrum of spaces, most needing some interior TLC. A young family in Shanghai, China, has been going through various phases of creating their home away from home. This takes time, patience, and will.

Phase 1: the apartment in “as is” condition upon moving in; white walls, nice wooden floors, lots of space.

Phase 2: bold colors on walls to liven the space up; mix n’match furniture for optimal use of space

Phase 3: (with SH services) repainting in calming and complimentary colors; selecting and repositioning of furniture; accessories like art are to come

Quite different, right? More on how Somebody’s Home services helped this apartment feel like home in the next Home Away From Home feature.


Do you need a SHIFT? {Somebody’s Home Interior Free Tips}

Often times a space only needs a few additions or shifts to feel “just right”. This Somebody’s Home reader shared a photo of her living room for the first example of this SHIFT feature. Check out the before and after photos and notice the difference a shift can make.

Here’s the breakdown:

Along with her photo, the reader shared the following regarding the layout:

Korean apartments don’t have  an interesting layout…. My living room is very square so I have hard time placing furniture. 

TIP: The challenge with this space is that there are many large pieces of furniture, making the room seem angular and small. Try omitting the armchair to leave the space more open; with an area rug under the coffee table and sofas, the room still feels anchored. Another idea is to get rid of the sofa against the window and perhaps replacing it with the armchair + a small side table; this also will make the room feel less cluttered.

What about you…are you in need of a space SHIFT?

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