measuring guide

To maximize space and create the best design, I need information about your space. Photos and video are a great way to visualize it, but dimensions are a key component to this process.

Step 1: Use a blank paper or graph paper (the lines help) for your sketch. Don’t worry about drawing to scale.

Step 2: Using a stiff metal tape measure, start at the corner of the room to record the length of each wall. Do this around the perimeter of the room. It is easier with someone holding the tape measure down for accuracy.

Step 3: Take note of the location and width of windows and doors (closet doors included). How high off the floor and how tall are the windows? Which direction do the doors swing?

Step 4: Indicate where the electrical outlets, telephone jacks, cable boxes, heating/AC units, and vents are on the walls/floors. How high off the ground are they? How far from the wall corner?

Step 5: Measure the height of the ceiling and indicate whether any lights hang from it.

Step 6: Give dimensions of any large pieces of furniture that will stay in the room (sofas, tables). Measure any built-in furniture such as shelves as well.

Step 7: Include any other notes you think are important to the layout.

Step 8: Scan your drawing and send it to


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