E Design Services

What is e design?

E design is a fresh trend in interior design where design has no boundaries. Through this service, you are able to get Somebody’s Home interior design assistance from anywhere in the world at an affordable price. You get all the benefits of the design experience such as color scheme, furniture layout, and style consultation without paying the costs of home visits or hands-on experience from a full-service interior design firm. The project is easily done via email and Skype from the comfort of your own home.

Is e design for me?

E design is collaboration between designer and client at its best. If you are in need of inspiration, guidance, or complete design assistance, and are not afraid to do a little leg-work, this service is right for you. When complete, you can feel satisfied with participating in the creation of your amazing space.

This service is for you if you:

  • are done with wasting time and money on a room that doesn’t quite work
  • can recognize your space needs professional help and can take honest opinions as useful feedback
  • can step back and let me do the designing of the entire room as opposed to piece by piece
  • are open-minded to different styles, colors, etc.
  • are OK with purchasing items online
  • are action-oriented and are willing to make your unique plans come to life

How does it work?

Step 1: Use the Design Tools to give me an understanding of the space needing design. Make sure to highlight its good points (great natural light, built-in cabinets, original hardwood floors) and its challenging qualities (awkward angles, dated cabinets, low ceilings).

Step 2: A Skype/phone conversation between you and the designer. We will talk about the ways that you use the room  and your design goals, plus exchange some inspiring interiors images via Pinterest boards.

Step 3: The designer puts together a concept board. This serves as a style check, to make sure that both parties are on the same page.

Step 4: We get to work creating that perfect new space! We will reuse as many existing pieces as possible while also sourcing exciting new pieces that fit your budget.

Step 5: You will receive a customized full e design plan

The Full E Design Package includes:

  • Communication: two Skype video calls or phone calls:

 -an initial call is to assess interior design needs + have a “walk through” of space

-one follow-up calls to gauge progress and make modifications if needed

+ unlimited project support via email for up to 30 days after the design is complete

  • Color scheme: selecting color palette with specific paint colors for room/space that reflects your style
  • Furniture layout plan: gives dimensions of room and furniture items, making space is optimized for comfort, flow, and aesthetics
  • Mood boards: visualization of space through images to reflect style and color scheme (2 boards)
  • Specifications: board showing all the furniture and accessories, each item linked to the store for purchase
  • Room Rendering:  representation of your space using the new unique design from mood boards
  • Designer Notes: includes a to-do list that tells you how to put your room together

Space rates per room

Small Spaces (hallway, entry, patio): $250

Standard Spaces (office, bedroom,dining room, living room): $450

Large Spaces (open loft space, etc.): $650

A la carte services

Ask a designer

Don’t need a full design service but need a little guidance, resource or a quick design idea? Send a photo of your space with your question ( and if it can be answered quickly, I will email it to you at no charge. Your inquiry may be posted on the blog to help readers with their own similar design questions.

Color consultation $50

Are you having a little trouble selecting the right color palette for your space? Send a photo and I will choose paints and colors for your room.

Redesign services $75

Be Earth conscious by making use of what you already have. Ideas for redesigning furniture pieces are offered with detailed step-by-step plan to create a fabulous item that feels new.

Mini makeover $150

You generally like your space but are in need of a little change. The right accessories or furnishings can create the interest and pazazz your room is crying for. A thoughtful selection of inexpensive decor items with a little description of their influence is included.

Space planning $250

Is there a lack of flow in your space? Would you like the  layout of your furniture to be functional and aesthetically pleasing? It’s incredible what some shifting around and simple additions can do. Send me room and furniture dimensions and I will recreate your space sending you two furniture layout options.

Design revisions $50

This service is available if you need additional options or revisions beyond the full package.

* If you are in California and prefer hands-on interior design consultation please contact me. 


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