The tall wall dilemma


Recently, a client expressed her apprehension about the height of the walls in her new apartment. Without decor, tall walls can be intimidating and seem to take the focus of a space.

Here are a few solutions to this.

{1.} Paint~Selecting to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls or a shade darker, lowers the perception of wall height.

{2.} Hanging fabric or tapestry~ Hang a beautiful batik from one of your travels or a meaningful tapestry on a rod. A long piece of fabric with design and color draws attention and adds interest to a space.

{3.} Series of largely framed photographs~Select your favorite photographs and enlarge them; 11x 14 would do just fine. Tie your photos by theme like bicycles spotted on travels or sunsets, OR make them black and white for an artistic flair. Using the same frames or frames of the same color bring a tasteful order or symmetry if you like.

{4.} Oversized decor items~ One way to make the most of your large “canvas” is to hang oversized pieces. A mirror, painting, or wood carving are some that come to mind. These are simple options that highlight your wall size stylishly.

{5.} Decals~ Trendy? Sure. But, there are some varied and artsy options that can be a temporary solution. Want a zen-like environment? Stick up tall bamboos. Wanting to reflect a piece of home? A San Francisco or NY skyline will do the trick. For some interesting designs, go to Etsy.

{6. } Marimekko wall coverings~ Oh, yeah! Last Friday’s Find are a perfect solution to adding color and pattern without committing to color.




Any other ideas out there for tall walls? Please feel free to share.


Home away from home {Prague}

Travel. Interior design. Writing.

These things interest me…greatly.

Fusing them together looks like this: sharing homes of international dwellers on this blog. Here’s the first. Meet Sarah. She and her husband, Derek, are international teachers from Canada+U.S.  living in Prague. This is the feature on how she makes home away from home.

How would you describe your first impression of your current home? 

I fell in love with my home the minute I laid eyes on it.  When we first moved to Prague, we had a very nice attic apartment.  It was modern and convenient but it wasn’t what I envisioned European living to be like.  After our lease expired, we went on the hunt for a new flat.  When our agent showed us our current place, I knew we had found our home.  It has high ceilings with light fixtures set in crown molding, huge windows that bring us lots of light, and gorgeous wood floors.  The layout is perfect for our lifestyle – it is perfect for entertaining.

What aspect of your home caught your eye (architecturally or other)?

The floors are my favorite feature.  The wood is laid in a herringbone pattern which I absolutely love.  I am always looking down and admiring the floors as I walk through the apartment.  I adore them – scuffs, scratches and all.

 What challenges did you find (dark rooms, irregular shape, unfavorable rug, etc)?

One challenge in our apartment is that the floors I enjoy so much are not completely level.  My husband put in a great deal of time hanging a photo collage on the wall only to discover that it appears a bit askew.  The slanted floors cause our furniture to tilt slightly and therefore the pictures do not look straight.  Another challenge is that our apartment came furnished.  We had to incorporate 3 couches, a dining table and chairs, beds, wardrobes etc. with the pieces we already owned.  This leaves the apartment feeling a bit cramped in some rooms and of course not all pieces work together harmoniously.  We’ve made do the best we can with the mixed bag.

What items/objects instantly make you feel happy or at home?

My cats always make me feel happy at home.  They have traveled with us to 3 different continents.  The little rascals have clawed much of our furniture to shreds and their hair is literally everywhere but having them with us is totally worth it.  They are the ultimate accessory to every room!

Which room is your favorite? Why?

My favorite room is the kitchen.   We spend most of our time in the kitchen; cooking, talking, and just hanging out.  The big dining table doubles as a work space and we can almost always be found there, day or night.  This room does not have the best layout, nor is it decorated in an ideal fashion but I still love it.

Do you incorporate travel items into your design? If so, give an example.

I try to incorporate some special items from our travels into our flat without going overboard.  I feel I am getting better at this the longer I live overseas.  The pieces I display hold wonderful memories of the places we’ve been together and act as reminders of our adventures.  Pottery, travel photographs, and art pieces can be found throughout our apartment.  Our bedroom decor was inspired by the colors and art of Mexico as it is a country we both hold dear in our hearts.

How do you feel when you get home? 

When I am at home I feel comforted.  I feel at peace.  As an international teacher I have had many homes in various countries.  My life is full of new experiences and new discoveries.  Every day brings a new adventure.  It is important that when I walk in the door of my home, I feel a sense of stability and belonging.  My home is a place that makes my heart feel good.

{Thanks, Sarah}

GET THE LOOK! {living room}

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